Missing Monarchs.

Following the excitement of the confirmation that the ‘Skeleton in the Car Park’ was indeed Richard III I wondered (somewhat idly)how many other missing monarchs there might be. The answer wasn’t long in coming – or part of an answer at least.

There are SEVEN English monarchs without known graves – for a list of them see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-19487335 A surprisingly large number, in my opinion anyway. But perhaps it isn’t so surprising, when so many kings lost their lives on a battlefield.

As for Scotland – apparently James I lies somewhere unknown in the Perth area and, moving away from royals, John Knox also lies under a car park off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. (# 23 if you’re interested.)

I’m sufficiently intrigued about all of these to want to investigate further: who else of note has no known grave, who would you like to ‘find’ and will searching for them become the new national pastime?

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