Us reading habits – (lengthy)survey results.

Following on from the short article on American reading habits – here is a lengthy and detailed article on a recent survey. Helpfully it states what questions were asked and to who (age group etc) and covers fiction and non-fiction – sub-divided into study/ research etc.

Interesting that their ‘occasionally’ seems to mean at least once in a YEAR. (that’s VERY OCCASIONALLY to me.)

I’d love to hear your reaction to these stats.

If 72% of those who read occasionally for pleasure are white or black, over 50 and female, it’s no wonder that several agents turned down Turn of the Tide on the basis that, not having a female lead character, its commerciality was in doubt.

Question for me is ‘What about those who are regular readers?’ – but perhaps that was Part 1 of the series of articles which unfortunately I missed.

Anyone see it?

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