The early Stuarts – Marriage is Power

Thank you to the BBC for this article on the early Stuarts – and a wee quiz on the 6 King James of Scotland to get the grey matter working. It wasn’t until I saw this set out in that way that I noticed how lacking in imagination the royals were when it came to names. Of course it wasn’t just Scotland – France rather beats us with their King Louis. Don’t know if any of them died in a sewer though…

Hanging – an appropriate punishment here – I don’t think so.

This is an article that had particular interest to me for several reasons – it took place where I currently live, so that an immediate draw. Then the topic, especially when I’m deep in historical research at present, the horror of being hanged for concealing a pregnancy. The relief that it didn’t work and that her story seems to have had a (relatively) happy ending.

So do stop by FB and read about the Hanging of Margaret Dickson.