Radio Tea Time Talk

There’s a first time for everything – and last night was my first live transatlantic radio interview, courtesy of Dellani Oakes Radio Tea Time Talk Show. Living dangerously here by posting the link before I’ve actually heard it…

Surreal – slightly – I couldn’t hear what it was actually sounding like as the show went out, so just had to hope it was ok. (Apparently, apart from some ‘ums’ and hesitation at the start it was fine, but I haven’t had the chance to listen yet, so I’m reserving judgement until I have.)

Scary – yes – Somewhere along the line I missed a relevant message about it so didn’t have any idea of the questions or format beforehand, so I had to totally wing it. Next time (yes I would do it again, if I got another similar opportunity) I hope I shall have had a proper preparation.

Slow – definitely not. I thought that a two hour show would seem ages, but the time just flew – there was another author on as well and we both got asked similar questions and it was interesting hearing someone else’s perspective (and hearing about how hot it was in Florida – we are well into autumn here, though it’s still sunny.)

When I pluck up the courage I shall listen to it and hear for myself how it went and if I think it’s ok I’m hoping that one of my technical wizardly friends can give me some advice on possibility / practicalities on editing the archive of it so that I can post a little excerpt (or a link to one) here – so watch this space. Two hours is probably ages to an audience.

Low point: The moment when the interviewer asked us to read an excerpt from our books – and as I hadn’t known about that beforehand I had to scurry off to another room to grab a copy of Turn of the Tide – it was a good job it wasn’t a televised interview…(good job in other ways too – no-one saw me tucking into chocolate mint creams for ‘dutch courage’)

In retrospect, though I may change my mind when I hear it for myself, it seems like a positive experience and who knows, it may lead to something else positive. (Probably not a career in Radio, but perhaps a new connection or two…)

Highlight: Receiving almost immediate feedback on Facebook, including a comment from someone I didn’t already ‘know’ – so maybe I will get geared up to listen soon…

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