Writing + editing at the same time – A bad Idea?

Now here’s a thing – my current target is to increase my word count of my WIP by c 5000 words per week. That seems to me a realistic target and on that basis I SHOULD have a finished first draft within a month. (I wanted it for Christmas, but hey, January would be fine.) My normal practice is to start each day by re-reading the last few pages I wrote and do a little light editing as a way of getting me back into the mood of the piece and then move on to fresh writing. Some days it works better than others and I can fly along (well if you can consider writing 1200 words ‘flying’.) Other days I struggle to grind out 500 words.

But this article Drafting + Writing + Writer’s Block has got me wondering. Do we in fact use a different part of the brain for these two functions? I don’t know enough about brain function to know, but I think I should try to find out. Because if this is true it could be a game-changer (and I might even get that draft finished sooner than I think…)

So if anybody out there knows the answer to this question, please tell me. And if you’ve got any experience to share I’d love to hear it.

3 thoughts on “Writing + editing at the same time – A bad Idea?

  1. My journey with writing and getting published in on my home page if you like to view. As for writer’s block, I always say, don’t force the brain or the mind. When it’s given a space to relax, it becomes one’s best friend 🙂

  2. Margaret, thanks for linking to my blog. I just want to clarify that I’m not claiming that editing and drafting occur in different parts of the brain; editing and drafting are different cognitive functions. In other words, the kind of focus you need to access when drafting is much different than the type of focus you need for editing. You might want to take a look at http://wp.me/pvc0s-1rz for more info on focus (although my recent reading would have me use different terms if i were writing the post today, the principles are, I believe, still valid).

    • Thanks, I’m going to have a serious browse on your website – looks like lots of interesting articles.

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