It’s Day 6 and the Scottish Borders

Today I’m privileged to be able to take part in a mammoth blog hop – Around the World in (I don’t know how) many days. Just now it’s Day 6 and Scotland – I’m talking alittle about how the environment in which I live helps me to bring the 16thc alive.

Visit Scottish Blog hop to read my post.

(With thanks to Book Connectors and Trip Fiction for this opportunity.)Screenshot 2015-08-28 15.58.00

4 thoughts on “It’s Day 6 and the Scottish Borders

  1. Thanks for flaggig the problem – as the post was a few days ago the link went to the blog main page and it was rather a scroll down to reach my post. Sorted now with a link directly there. Enjoy!

  2. Now found! I love the way you managed to get around to visit all those places you wanted to use in your novel(s). You must let me know when ‘A House Divided’ comes out.
    Gosh – I remember those highland passing places well, and meeting caravans on the bends!!

    • 15th October is the due date! Getting close now… ebook is available for pre-order on Amazon and the PB should be available for pre-order in bookshops, and certainly is on Waterstones online.

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