A week in publishing…

Dust Blowing and Other Stories has been out for 2 weeks in ebook format and 1 week as a paperback. It has been fascinating and rather humbling to see what other authors the collection has been ranked beside in the Amazon listings in the first days following publication, so I thought I’d share some screenshots here.

amazon-ja-2110First up – Jeffrey Archer – I’ve always enjoyed his short stories, so very happy to just a few places below his latest collection. Hopefully reviews will start to come in for my stories too…

That was followed by Barbara Erskine – another writer that I have long admired – ever since I first read Lady of Hay, so it was rather exciting to briefly find myself sitting just above her collection. amazon-barbara-erskine-2210

The following day it was Edgar Allan Poe  and who wouldn’t be delighted to be ranked alongside that most accomplished of short story writers?amazon-edgar-allan-poe-2210

No doubt it is a reflection of the fact that there aren’t so many short story collections available on Kindle, but it didn’t diminish my pleasure in sitting alongside such fine writers, even if just for an hour or two, and it was fun to check in each day to see who I might be beside.


I’ve never heard of Yahya Hakki – maybe this is an author I should be getting to know, but it was interesting, following Poe, to find myself sandwiched between Franz Kafka and Jeffrey Archer. The next two days brought three more authors that I’m proud to be able to share a screenshot with – first  William Trevor and Anton Checkov.amazon-chekov-trevor-2410

and finally, Hilary Mantel.  Not that I’m comparing my writing with any of these authors but it has been nice to be associated with them, however tenuously! And to have the photos to remind me of that first week is rather special.




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