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Munro no 3 – By Sword and Storm – will soon be hitting the bookshops (and e-readers). The proof-reader has been through it, but I still need to check anything that needs altered as a result, and I’m in discussion with Corazon and with myself re the cover. Formatter is on standby (at least I hope she is) as is the printer, (ditto). And we’re working on the possibility of some ARCs to be sent as review copies. (There are some technical hitches with those, but hopefully they will be resolved soon, courtesy of the KDP print service, which may solve the problem of getting a small number of print copies without having to re-mortgage the house).

If all goes well it won’t be long now…

In the meantime two Amazon related notifications that some of you might be interested in. The first is an article about Eoin Purcell – Head of Amazon Publishing UK – the publishing wing is distinct from Amazon marketplace.

The second is an Amazon Academy day to be held in Newcastle on the 5th June. I was an attendee at a similar event last year in Edinburgh and it was very useful and informative. This time I will be one of the panellists.  Oh, and it’s FREE. If you’re within shooting distance of Newcastle (or even if you aren’t) it would be good to see you there.



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