Writing + editing at the same time – A bad Idea?

Now here’s a thing – my current target is to increase my word count of my WIP by c 5000 words per week. That seems to me a realistic target and on that basis I SHOULD have a finished first draft within a month. (I wanted it for Christmas, but hey, January would be fine.) My normal practice is to start each day by re-reading the last few pages I wrote and do a little light editing as a way of getting me back into the mood of the piece and then move on to fresh writing. Some days it works better than others and I can fly along (well if you can consider writing 1200 words ‘flying’.) Other days I struggle to grind out 500 words.

But this article Drafting + Writing + Writer’s Block has got me wondering. Do we in fact use a different part of the brain for these two functions? I don’t know enough about brain function to know, but I think I should try to find out. Because if this is true it could be a game-changer (and I might even get that draft finished sooner than I thinkā€¦)

So if anybody out there knows the answer to this question, please tell me. And if you’ve got any experience to share I’d love to hear it.