My first review as part of the Review Group on FB My first review is up – it’ll be interesting to see what responses I get to it.

I’d particularly like feedback on the following: Did it help folk to decide whether or not to read? Was there enough information? Was it easy to read / style and tone about right?

(Or any other comments!!)

A Challenging 2013 for Margaret Skea – all advice welcome!

It’s going to be a challenging 2013.

By June I want to have the sequel to Turn of the Tide finished and ideally at second draft stage…that will be challenging in itself – 40,000 words in now and with a fair idea of the book’s ending, but not a clue of where / when exactly it will start!!

Learning the ropes of blogging / tweeting / FBing / and networking – probably more taxing than a daily climb of our nearest mountain – Big Cheviot!

And now I’ve just signed up for the Historical Fiction Challenge – not quite sure what I’m committing to there – couldn’t quite follow the instructions, but I do know it involves a lot of reading / reviewing – beats re-runs of Morse on TV anyway!

And the prospect of putting some short stories out on Kindle beckons – once I’ve got (my understanding of) the technology sorted…

Watch all these spaces…