Editing – Day 1.

Editing of Turn of the Tide was a lengthy and rather ad hoc process. Having finished a first draft of its sequel yesterday I’m excited about starting on the editing process, which this time I’ve planned.

So today my plan was to skim through the entire manuscript – at just over 130,000 words a fairly big task – noting every place where I typed in red, indicating that there was something I wanted to check. I was so chuffed to manage that and now have a list to start working on and as I LOVE research tomorrow should be FUN.

Good news or Bad news?

I’m not sure whether this is good news or bad news for me – it certainly has made me think and maybe tomorrow will make me write harder and faster. I am writing a series, but clearly not quickly enough by anybody’s book (Except perhaps George Martin, but I’m not in that league yet.)Maybe someday…

I can remember having just this kind of impatience when I read the first 4 Poldark novels at uni. I finished one at c 4.00pm and just had to get the next from the bookshop in town so that I could continue without having to wait even a day.

How long would you as a reader wait for a sequel?