Available now…

‘Turn of the Tide’ is a year old!! You can buy it in bookshops in the UK and find it on Amazon or on Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Turn-Tide-Margaret-Skea-ebook/dp/B00AAXZEEO/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1383820291&sr=1-1&keywords=margaret+Skea It is all very exciting, and a little scary! I’m working hard on the sequel just now but some of the characters are being a little difficult – refusing […]

Meet my Character Blog Hop

After a shaky and belated start, thank you to Paula Lofting for tagging me in this ‘Character Blog Hop’ where lots of different authors all answer the same questions re characters in their current WIP. Her character post can be found here http://www.paulalofting-sonsofthewolf.blogspot.co.uk Here are my answers – 1. What is the name of my […]

My writing process. (blog hop)

Right. A Blog post about my writing process – following on from Dorothy Bruce’s all-singing, all-dancing post last week on her blog – http://www.jingsandthings.wordpress.com Dorothy has been involved with an annual walking and arts festival, destination development, the restoration of a Victorian pier, and wrote a book on Alexander Reid, Vincent van Gogh’s Scottish sitter. […]

My first review as part of the Review Group on FB

http://thereviewgroup.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Margaret%20Skea My first review is up – it’ll be interesting to see what responses I get to it. I’d particularly like feedback on the following: Did it help folk to decide whether or not to read? Was there enough information? Was it easy to read / style and tone about right? (Or any other comments!!)

‘Imaginative people have messy minds’

So says the Huffington Post. It also says that creative folk – daydream (a good excuse then) – are good observers – enjoy solitude – seek new experiences – are resilient – are curious – people watch (I get into trouble for this) – take risks – are motivated – lose track of time – […]

Good news or Bad news?

I’m not sure whether this is good news or bad news for me – it certainly has made me think and maybe tomorrow will make me write harder and faster. I am writing a series, but clearly not quickly enough by anybody’s book (Except perhaps George Martin, but I’m not in that league yet.)Maybe someday… […]

More inspiring medium?

When I’m struggling on my laptop and my characters have gone awol and the next part of the plot is eluding me would I be more inspired if I was writing on vellum? I wonder? One thing is for sure, then and now, it would have been too expensive to make mistakes. I’d certainly have […]

Paying for Cover design – money well spent?

2-second read from the Writers and Artists Yearbook – 2 things a self publishing author should pay for – https://www.writersandartists.co.uk/2014/02/respecting-your-reader-what-services-should-you-be-paying-for-and-why1 I totally agree. So was glad to have a mainstream deal which meant these were done. (But even then an eagle-eyed friend spotted a few errors in the final text.) There could have been many […]