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Background and publications to date

Although I now live in the lovely Scottish Borders, I grew up in Ulster at the height of the ‘Troubles’, so perhaps it was inevitable that much of my writing focuses on living within conflict and the problems and pressures that diverse loyalties place on families, on relationships and on personal integrity.

In my novels and short stories, which collectively span five centuries and four continents, my aim is to transport readers to a time or place that neither I nor they have ever been, providing an authentic ‘you are there’ experience.

They are:

Munro series – set within the violent clan warfare of 16th century Scotland –

Turn of the Tide  (Capercaillie 2012 / Sanderling 2017 )

A House Divided (Sanderling 2015)

By Sword and Storm (Sanderling 2018)

Katharina series – set in early Reformation Germany –

Katharina: Deliverance (Sanderling 2017)

Katharina: Fortitude (Sanderling 2019)

Standalone –

Dust Blowing and Other Stories (Sanderling 2016) – contemporary and historical shorts.

Details, along with awards and purchase details can be found here.

For more information about me please visit the About page

One of the best things about being an author is the opportunity to meet readers and to share my experiences in a wide range of contexts from festivals to book groups. Currently of course, courtesy of Covid-19 that isn’t possible, but I am looking forward to resuming my schedule when this crisis is over. In the meantime I’m available for virtual events and can be contacted here.