Come on Lazybones – pedestrianism with a difference

Fascinating post today about the king of pedestrianism – and lazy he was not (nor unfit).

I have to confess that walking as a spectator sport doesn’t excite me, but back in the day Robert Barclay Allardice certainly excited a lot of attention – and a staggering amount of bets laid on him in his 1000 hour continuous walk. In my case it would have been me and not the bets that staggered!

Glad to see he kept up standards though – perhaps I should dress a little more carefully for walking into town…

A Walk in the Garden (Medieval, that is)

Today’s post on the English Historical Fiction Authors’ website is about medieval gardens. For me the most telling comment came right at the start – ‘The medieval world was a quiet place’ What a refreshing change from our own hectic world that would be. But was it? Or only the gardens – in which peace can still be found?

I’d love to know what others think about the relative noise or otherwise of medieval times AND Where do you go to find p+q.