Heart Disease isn’t a modern phenomena!

I guess I’m not alone in thinking that much of the problems of heart disease arise from our 20th / 21st century sedentary lifestyle, diet of processed foods, and increased stress levels. And of course all these factors have a part to play.

However it was really interesting to see this BBC article on evidence of heart disease in 4000 year old mummies. The reasons may have been different, even if the result’s the same. And perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised – more of us may be getting longer than our ‘three-score years’ but not many make it past 100, and I for one wouldn’t want to!

(Thanks to Sharyn Bradford Lunn, for flagging the article on Twitter, otherwise I might have missed it.)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-21739193 It’s well worth a look.