That was a week, that was.

I know – slight mis-quote, but you get the message.

Having spent half of the week wrestling with an Amazon glitch, I am pleased to announce that anyone buying Turn of the Tide for the first time can now be confident they will receive the correct file. Whoo hoo!

For those who downloaded Turn of the Tide last weekend and may have got the text of a House Divided you will all have been offerred an updated file – take it just in case – that way you too will be sure of the correct file.

For the 5 people who returned the book earlier this week I haven’t yet received a definitive answer to the question of how you can get the Amazon computer to send you an updated file, without the hassle of re-purchasing. – But if you do re-purchase you will (so I’ve been told) get the same file as before and should then be able to ask for an update. A roundabout route I know – sorry!

Hopefully this won’t ever happen again…

On the plus side this week I’ve done an interview for the Ayrshire Post which will appear before my trip to Ayr Writers Club at the end of the month – all I need now is a decent photograph to email them.

And completely off-topic, I’ve just been to Lyme Regis and walked out to the end of the Cobb. Hard to believe that as a convinced Jane Austen fan I’ve never done that before. The wind was quite strong, but the tide was quite far out so no waves crashing over the Cobb – pity – that would have been quite exciting.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 16.39.20