Prize-winning / listed short stories and articles have appeared in a range of Anthologies. Those that are still readily available are listed below.

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In Sha’Allah which was 3rd in the Rubery International Short Story Competition 2013 appears in On the Bench.

The Price of Poplar, a finalist in the Historical Novel Society Short Competition 2012, appears in The Beggar at the Gate and Other Stories.

Working Away overall winner of the Neil Gunn Prize 2011, appears in Border Voices on Scottish Borders and Beyond and can also be read here.

The Three Weddings of James VI and I (but only one wife) is an article appearing in Castles, Customs and Kings.

Other stories and autobiographical pieces have appeared in earlier anthologies and in magazines in the UK and the US, but are harder to find! I’m considering putting together an anthology of my own, but that will have to wait until I’ve finished writing the sequel to Turn of the Tide.

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  1. Dear Margaret, I wanted to say firstly what a pleasure it is to chat with you. Your kind personality reflects in how you write. I am very lucky that I stumbled my way to your site.

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