I loved this book; beautifully written and meticulously researched Katharina: Fortitude by Margaret Skea presents a vivid portrait of Katharina von Bora from the beginning of her married life with Martin Luther in 1525 to her death in 1552.

Margaret Skea is a skilful storyteller and seamlessly blends historical fact into her fiction. I was totally immersed in the story, enhanced by the richly descriptive writing, which made it compulsively readable for me.

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Skea is that rare author who can be eloquent with what is not said. Katharina’s marriage takes on unexpected depths and nuances as we watch the subtle changes in the way she and Martin relate to each other. The reader is taken into that most private of relationships with great emotional honesty.

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Two things make good historical fiction; sound research  and excellent storytelling. Katharina Fortitude has both and I am pleased to say the degree of ‘excellent storytelling’ promote this book from ‘good’ to ‘great.’

The strength in this book is Ms Skea’s ability to make her characters – major and minor – so very real.  The Martin Luther  I had always envisaged was a dull man – not so here. He proves to e a loving husband and a devoted father. Above all he has a sense of humour, poking fun at himself – his looks, his weight and even his illnesses. Katharina is organised, forward-thinking and forthright in her domain. Yet she retains her shyness and lack of confidence. Fortitude is a good subtitle for this book.

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‘Behind even a great (sometimes, noisy, fractious) man, there is often a quietly strong, more amenable woman.
Margaret Skea’s deep research and empathy brings alive one of those. If you like your historical fiction truthful and complex, then this novel about Katharina Luther is for you.’ 

Sarah Dunant