Dust Blowing – Story 1.

Afghanistan is a country that has fascinated me since I was about 8 years old. The vast open spaces, the austerity of the landscape, and the relationship of that area to ancient civilizations such as the Mogul Empire and the huge derelict cities of the plain captured my imagination.



Sadly I’ve never been there, to experience the amazing and often difficult terrain for myself, and probably, courtesy of the political situation, will never be able to. But I can go via the imagination and I hope that in Dust Blowing, set in modern-day Afghanistan, I can take my readers with me.


As for the story itself – it developed, as stories often do, out of a dilemma which the main character in Dust Blowing faces. And as often the case there is no easy answer. As there is no easy answer to the question it raises –  is there such a thing as mercy-killing, or is killing someone always murder?

I’d love to hear others’ opinions, both on the main question, and on the story itself if you’ve read it.

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