Missing Monarchs.

Following the excitement of the confirmation that the ‘Skeleton in the Car Park’ was indeed Richard III I wondered (somewhat idly)how many other missing monarchs there might be. The answer wasn’t long in coming – or part of an answer at least.

There are SEVEN English monarchs without known graves – for a list of them see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-19487335 A surprisingly large number, in my opinion anyway. But perhaps it isn’t so surprising, when so many kings lost their lives on a battlefield.

As for Scotland – apparently James I lies somewhere unknown in the Perth area and, moving away from royals, John Knox also lies under a car park off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. (# 23 if you’re interested.)

I’m sufficiently intrigued about all of these to want to investigate further: who else of note has no known grave, who would you like to ‘find’ and will searching for them become the new national pastime?

What would you like to know?

Hugely excited by the discovery of Richard III’s skeleton in Leicester, I was keen to see the documentary relating how the skeleton was verified. And although i didn’t find the programme particularly satisfying, some of the facts were. It was interesting, for example to see that he did have a significantly deformed spine, but no withered arm.

At the same time I saw a post regarding Mary Ingalls’ blindness (Little House on the Prairie) – fascinating stuff.

So what ‘facts’ presented in historical fiction would you like to have examined / verified?