Munro family (All members of this family are fictional.)

Sir Adam Munro, now a colonel in the Scots Gardes
Kate: his wife
Robbie, a sergeant in the Scots Gardes
Maggie and Ellie: his daughters

(All characters below are real unless specified as fictional.)

The Cunninghame Faction

Earl of Glencairn: head of the Cunninghame clan
Lady Glencairn: his wife
John: his brother
William: his eldest son and heir. Master of Glencairn
Patrick Maxwell of Newark: a cousin of the Cunninghames
Hamilton and Fullerton: friends of the Master of Glencairn

The Montgomerie Faction

Earl of Eglintoun: head of the Montgomerie clan
Hugh: Laird of Braidstane
Elizabeth (formerly Shaw): his wife
Catherine, Mary and Sybilla (Sybie): his children
George: Hugh’s second brother, a cleric at the court of Queen Elizabeth I
John: Hugh’s third brother, a physician
Alexander Montgomerie: King James VI’s ‘Master Poet’
Robert Montgomerie: a cousin, serving Maurice of Nassau in the Low Countries
Andrew (Dand) and Annie Baxter: a cottager’s children (fictional)


John Shaw: a merchant, Elizabeth Montgomerie’s brother
Sigurd Ivarsen: a Norwegian merchant (fictional):
Grizel (formerly Montgomerie): his wife
Ivar, Isabella and Gerda: his children (fictional)
Griet: Daughter of the marshall provost at The Hague (an historical character, but actual name unknown)

James VI of Scotland and others of the court

In France

Henri IV of France
Gabrielle d’Estrées: his mistress and mother of his three children
César, Catherine and Alexandre: Henri’s children
Rosny and Sully: close advisors to the King.
Angus Muir: a Scots Garde (fictional)
Madame Picarde: seigneur of a farm at Cayeux (fictional)