If you have arrived here expecting to find Sanderling Books – Welcome! As a brand new venture for me, the Sanderling Books web-page is currently under construction. In the meantime I hope you enjoy browsing my author site, particularly the pages dedicated to Turn of the Tide and its sequel A House Divided.

I will shortly be adding a new page dedicated to my latest release Dust Blowing and other Stories, which is a collection of short stories published in ebook on the 15th October  – one year by date since the publication of A House Divided. Many of these stories have won or been placed in UK and international competitions, the remainder are new or have never before left my laptop. A sample will shortly be uploaded.

All three books are available as signed copies (UK) by messaging me here or contacting me through my FB author page. 

Cost: Turn of the Tide / A House Divided  £11.99 inc P+P

Dust Blowing and Other Stories   £7.50 inc P+P

A House Divided is my first ever publication and it’s been a very steep learning curve (still is actually) but I have been very fortunate to have been able to use the same cover designer, printer and distributor involved with the publication of Turn of the Tide, originally published by Capercaillie Books. Along the way, I discovered that a good copy editor is worth their weight in gold and I am thrilled with the final versions of both the paperback and the ebook.

In September, after a lot of serious thought, I decided to ask Capercaillie Books to allow the rights of Turn of the Tide to be re-assigned to Sanderling Books. That has now been done, so that any reprints will be done under the Sanderling imprint, though the small number of copies that remain must, by law, be sold in the original cover. However the ebook is already marketed as a Sanderling publication.

That will be changing in January as I have now signed with Corazon Books and they will be re-issuing both Turn of the Tide and A House Divided with new covers (scary) early in 2017 and the ebook of the third volume will also be published by Corazon. I have, however, retained the print and all subsidiary rights, so am free to offer those and I’d love to see them in large print versions and /or audio as well as in translation. One step at a time…

None of this would have been possible for me three years ago, for I had no knowledge or experience of the publishing industry, and I will always remain grateful to Capercaillie for all that they did in the publishing of my debut novel.

It has been a challenge to get to grips with how the systems on Amazon, both the .com and the .co.uk sites work (or occasionally don’t) but for the most part it has been a smooth transition.

The third book in the Munro series is in progress with a deadline for the delivery of the manuscript to Corazon late in 2017. I will issue the print version to tie in with the ebook.

And finally, I have almost finished the first of a two-book series of novels based on the life of Katharina von Bora, the little-known wife of Martin Luther. This has required an enormous amount of research, but most of that has been in relation to Martin Luther, as there is little direct information on Katharina, aside from where she was when and even that is sometimes doubtful.  Her personality and motivations have mostly to be extrapolated from what others have written or said about her and to her. I have found her fascinating and enigmatic and am going to Saxony for 2 weeks in April to ‘walk where she walked, stand where she stood, look out the windows she looked out of’ and so on and thus soak up the details of her context prior to my final editing.

My preference is for these two books – with the working titles  K is for Katharina – Renegade Nun and K is for Katharina – Reformation Wife  to be mainstream published  and am actively looking for a publisher (or agent to represent them) just now, but if I cannot find an appropriate publisher I shall bring them out myself under the Sanderling imprint, the first in October 2017.

Exciting times ahead!

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  1. Jeffrey M. Johnstone

    Hello Margaret,
    After many years of visiting the Scottish Borders and writing non-fiction I have just completed my first historical novel, tentatively entitled “Lord Maxwell’s Last Goodnight.” It is about the Maxwell-Johnstone feud in Dumfriesshire, as seen through the eyes of Robert Johnstone of Raecleuch, Tutor of Johnstone, from age ten through middle age. It is 66,069 words in length and I am seeking to publish it.
    I would appreciate any comments you might make – or better yet, offering to read my manuscript.

    Jeffrey M. Johnstone
    Rochester, NY

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