Previously…Scotland’s History Festival

Interested In history or historical Fiction? If so then ‘Previously’ – Scotland’s History Festival is for you. Lots of events taking place in various locations – Edinburgh, Glasgow, Moffat, Dunfermline, Stirling and St Andrews. Visit the Home page for more general information including detailed event info.

I’m giving a talk / workshop – in Edinburgh on Friday 21st November at 17.30pm and again on the 29th November at 11.00am in St Andrews – on the place of history in Historical Fiction.

Although billed as being for writers it is equally suitable for anyone interested in the relationship between history and fiction whether as a reader or a writer and focuses on how history can / should underpin authentic historical fiction.

What would you like to know?

Hugely excited by the discovery of Richard III’s skeleton in Leicester, I was keen to see the documentary relating how the skeleton was verified. And although i didn’t find the programme particularly satisfying, some of the facts were. It was interesting, for example to see that he did have a significantly deformed spine, but no withered arm.

At the same time I saw a post regarding Mary Ingalls’ blindness (Little House on the Prairie) – fascinating stuff.

So what ‘facts’ presented in historical fiction would you like to have examined / verified?