‘Imaginative people have messy minds’

So says the Huffington Post.

It also says that creative folk – daydream (a good excuse then)
– are good observers
– enjoy solitude
– seek new experiences
– are resilient
– are curious
– people watch (I get into trouble for this)
– take risks
– are motivated
– lose track of time
– have excellent taste (I knew it!)
– can focus.

I can tick most of these traits – clearly encouraging – I must be a creative person – so on with the writing…
how many of these and the others in this interesting article can you tick?


E-Books and how to sell them…

Another thought provoking article from the Huffington Post. lots of interesting information from an analysis of sales data for e-books. For Indie published there are strategies to consider here. And a warning NOT to follow the model slavishly if it doesn’t fit your book. Particularly good to note isthe advice not to pad out a book just to get it to the ideal word count.

As a traditionally published author I don’t have that kind of control. However on the plus side – it appears that my title length is good, my word count is good. The current e price is just over $1 too high to be in the ideal price bracket, so a question – should I be encouraging the publisher to discount it? Would that in itself generate more sales? I can see in the US market that a $3.99 price would be much more attractive than the $5.08 it currently sells at. Would a small discount that took it down to $4.99 help?

That would take the UK price down to £2.99 At the moment Amazon has discounted it to £3.08 – I think (though I’m not sure) that because it is Amazon’s discount that I will still get my 10% royalty on the list price of £4.99 i.e. 49p. If the publisher discounts it, then I think (again I’m not sure) that my royalty would be 10% of the sale price – i.e. 29p. Would increased volume of sales make up for that? Good question.

But the fact remains that ranking of the book is a very important factor – so how do I increase that without having to spend all my life on social media? Now that is the best question of all.

And if anyone has some answers for me I’d love to hear them.