Some Funeral!

Interesting reproduction of the will of Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox, grandmother of King James VI of Scotland and James I of England. £1200 set aside for her funeral, including £40 to pay for food for poor folk and money for 100 dresses also for poor women. Leaves rather a lot for the funeral!
Hard to estimate exactly what that would equate to in today’s money because the intervening centuries have included both inflation and deflation of currency. However some estimates suggest that the £1200 would be worth about £350,000 – some funeral!!

Embarrassing? Definitely.

I don’t have an ’embarrassed’ photo to hand, but I certainly should have.

Some very kind person sent me interview questions – which I have diligently (and hopefully in an interesting manner) answered. Only problem – I have managed to detach the questions from a note of who sent them! So someone out there is thinking that I’m either very rude in not responding, or very lazy in not having done it yet. Either way I’m embarrassed (seriously embarrassed).

So if you are the kind person, please, please get in touch – comment here or catch me on FB.

Astley? Never heard of him? Neither had I, but this is fascinating…

This is obviously my days for reading fascinating posts – thanks to Mike Rendell for this post on Philip Astley – and like many readers I’m sure, I wish I had such a treasure trove of family memorabilia to delve into.

A handbill from 1771 would be fantastic on it’s own, but chests of the stuff… have to admit to being a little green!

The plight of mid-list authors

Mid-list is where I hope to be in a couple of years time – defined as selling a moderate number of copies of an individual book – and hoping that I might gradually build a following. This article from the Guardian is interesting reading, if not exactly encouraging…