When you hit a dry spell…

Here’s some good advice from Suzanne Lakin on how to get through a dry spell in your writing and turn a negative into a positive.

The short story is something I use myself when the novel is grinding to a halt – and in order to give myself the added impetus I keep a wee list of forthcoming Short Story Competitions to hand – nothing like the incentive of a closing date (not to mention a prize) to keep me going. And I can testify to the fact that getting credits in competitions does make a difference when approaching publishers and / or organisers of events such as festivals.

So however short or long your ‘glitch’ make the most of the time and write…

First ever Freebie Update.

By the end of day 3 I made it to #3 in the US and #6 in the UK free Kindle rankings, but more excitingly I began to see comments on various historical fiction orientated groups on Facebook from folk who had downloaded it – ranging from

this will join my long tbr pile


1 chapter in and already a fan

so perhaps a few reviews won’t be long in coming after all.
As this is my first time I’d no idea whether it was the norm to get to #3 / #6 or whether that was a really good result, but now folk are telling me it is good, so hopefully there will be longer term benefits as well.

Now I’m interested to see whether it was worth having it on free for 5 days – or whether 2 would have done the same job – time will tell.

And as there is still a day to go here are the links – US and UK

I’ll update again at the end of the promo period.