Sad but true…

A couple of days ago I heard a news item about an Afghan girl of c 9 who had been found wearing a suicide vest, the Taliban having intended her to carry out a suicide bombing.

Very sobering for me and somewhat uncanny as the main character in the short story of mine which has just been placed 3rd in the Rubery International Short Story Award was an Afghan girl of 10 who is tasked with triggering an improvised explosive device.

3rd in Rubery International Short Story Competition

Delighted to be 3rd in Rubery Short Story Competition – pity about the commas! (Though I don’t think I had too many – in fact re-reading the story between finding out I’d been placed and actually seeing the adjudication I noticed a couple of places where I would have inserted one!

Here’s the link to the adjudication –

And here’s a pic of me with the rather lovely trophy – IMG_20131227_190731

Question for my readers – do you think the use of commas is a generational thing?